The ACHC community is committed to conducting and presenting rigorous science. As part of our efforts to increase the transparency, reproducibility, replicability, and accessibility of our work, we are making study materials, data, and analyses openly available wherever possible.

Do you want to look behind the scenes of ACHC research, learn more or build on our research? Take a look at the study materials that are currently available online.

On this page, you will find data, analysis scripts and study materials of some of our projects. These materials can be used, for instance, for replication studies, follow-up research, or student projects in accordance with requirements and restrictions specified for each individual project.

The Observer OPTIONMCC  is developed to observe participation in decision making for (older) patients with multiple chronic conditions. The Observer OPTIONMCC is based on the Dynamic model for shared decision making in frail older patients (Van de Pol et al., 2016). It connects to Goal-Based shared decision making, by observing Goal talk as a separate, first item of the scale.

The Observer OPTIONMCC not only observes the role of the clinician in shared decision making, but also the participation of patients in this process. Since informal caregivers are often involved in the care for these patients, they also participate in the decision making process. This is called ‘triadic’ decision making, involving the clinician, patient and informal caregiver.