Social Media Winter School

Published on March 14, 2024 – Last month, the EHPS Winter School “Health Psychology in the Age of Social Media” was organized in collaboration with the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication. This two-day event was facilitated by ACHC-member Eline Smit and Thomas Gültzow (Open University of the Netherlands), who are respectively the former and current chair of the EHPS Special Interest Group on Digital Health and Computer-Tailoring.

During the two-day winter school, a group of international participants delved into the depths of health psychological research in the age of social media, with a special focus on diverse methodologies. Several ACHC researchers shared their methodological expertise, amongst whom were Gizem Yilmaz (content analysis), Kaiyang Qin (data donation) and Christin Scholz (assessments of the causes and effects of social media use through neuroimaging) – we even paid a visit to the fMRI lab, which was a first for many attendees. Finally, Nino Gugushvili (Maastricht University) was present to discuss the subject of social media and mental health in more depth.

During the event, there was plenty opportunity to not only learn and discuss but also to connect and form new collaborations. A ferry ride, guided walk by Anne van Dongen (University of Twente), and joint dinner completed the program.

We look back at two very inspiring days, and are keen to summarize our discussions in a research agenda paper soon!