How do healthcare providers communicate with migrant patients when they don’t speak Dutch?

Published on January 25, 2024 – Together with co-authors, among those are ACHC members Julia van Weert and Barbara Schouten, Brittany Chan explored the communication strategies used by healthcare providers to address language barriers in language discordant consultations.

The study took a qualitative approach and conducted interviews with healthcare providers of various specialisations such as general practitioners and mental healthcare providers. It was uncovered that healthcare providers often sequentially used communication strategies. They often relied on instrumental communication strategies first, before incorporating digital tools (e.g., Google Translate). Involving professional interpreters was often deemed as the last option. In other words, it was evident that healthcare providers mainly adopted the ‘getting-by’ approach, showcasing the need for a more comprehensive understanding and utilisation of available resources for different medical consultations.

For everyone interested, the study is now published in Health Expectations and openly accessible.

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