Looking back at the European Conference on Health Communication 2023

Published on December 14, 2023 – The European Conference on Health Communication (ECHC) 2023 took place from 15 to 17 November in Klagenfurt, Austria. ACHC was well represented by our members.

The theme of this ECHC edition was “Health communication for/with vulnerable groups in society”. The contributions of our ACHC members are shown in the overview below.

AuthorsOriginal title
Julia van Weert (presenter keynote)Communicating with care. Offline and online health communication for/with vulnerable people
Nida Gizem Yilmaz (presenter), Hande Sungur, Julia Van Weert, Barbara Schouten, Maria Van den MuijsenberghAffective needs of ethnic minority cancer patients
Gian Hernandez, Melanie de Looper, Julia van Weert, Barbara Schouten (presenter)Decolonizing Global Mental Health in Europe: A Mental Health 4 All Study
Spela Dolinsek (presenter), Christin Scholz, Julia van Weert, Bas van den Putte, Corine MeppelinkThe role of mental well-being in health communication about COVID-19: An interview study among students with varying levels of depression
Emília Pajor (presenter), Corine Meppelink, Julia van WeertHow do I make a good choice? Introducing a European health app quality label to empower vulnerable users
Brittany M.C. Chan (presenter), Julia van Weert, Jeanine Suurmond, Barbara SchoutenUsing gestures, lingua franca, and informal interpreters with migrant patients in language discordant consultations
Nida Gizem YilmazMitigating the language barrier: professionals’ perspective on when to use what strategy for whom
Annemiek Linn (presenter), Brandon Victor, Carien van Rietschoten, Nida Gizem Yilmaz, Ciska Hoving, Marij HillenNavigating on Facebook when your child has a rare disease; coping with hope and uncertainty