Highlights from the 37th Annual EHPS Conference

Published on September 14, 2023 – During 4-8 September 2023, the 37th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) took place in Bremen, Germany. The main topic of the conference was Health Psychology for all: Equity, Inclusiveness and Transformation.

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Several ACHC members participated at the event, contributing with presentations, round tables or posters. ACHC-members covered diverse topics related to health communication. An overview of the ACHC contributions at the event is shown below.

The next EHPS conference will take place during 2-6 September, 2024 in Cascais, Portugal.

Overview of contributions EHPS 2023 by ACHC members (in bold)

AuthorsTitle and keypoints
Melanie de Looper (presenter), Gian Hernandez, Julia van Weert, Barbara Schouten  Mentalhealth4all: Development of an online platform to improve access to mental healthcare for migrants/refugees. (presentation)   The Mentalhealth4all platform is curently being developed, using the Spiral Technology Action Research (STAR) Mode. The platform has the potential to be disseminated into the wider community to stimulate uptake for migrant/refugee patient groups in Europe.   Contact: m.delooper@uva.nl  
Eline Smit (presenter), Monique Alblas, P. Straver, S. van der Bruggen, Michaela Schlosserova, Maartje van Stralen    Identifying person-specific associations between smartphone use and predictors of mental wellbeing with an N-of-1 design (presentation)   This study was one of the first N-of-1 studies to relate smartphone use to potential predictors of young adults’ mental health. The results reveal that some but not all young adults might experience undesirable consequences of their smartphone use.   Contact: e.s.smit@uva.nl
Leonie Westerbeek, Annemiek Linn,  Julia van Weert, H. van Weert, A. Abu-Hanna, S. MedlockDevelopment of a CDSS and patient portal for the joint management of medication-related fall risks (presentation)   The clinical decision support system (CDSS) visually presents a personalized fall risk, and provides patient-specific guideline-based advice on how to alter the medication, also linking the sources underlying the advice.   Contact: l.westerbeek@uva.nl
Adriana Solovei, Julia van Weert, Bas van den Putte,  Mark Boukes, Toni van der Meer, Eline Smit, Saar Mollen, Nida Gizem Yilmaz, Marijn de BruinExploring media use during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands: a longitudinal study (presentation)   News consumption varies in different population segments and different phases of a pandemic. Public health practitioners should consider socio-demographic characteristics in communication efforts during (health) crises. Contact: a.solovei@uva.nl
Saar Mollen (presenter), D. Becker, R. HollandThe Value of the Value Based Choice Model for Behavioral Prediction and Intervention Design (poster presentation)   Preliminary analyses indicate that different value attributes might be relevant for different behaviours in a choice-set and that value attributes of one behaviour can relate to the other behaviour in a choice set.   Contact: s.mollen@uva.nl
Eline Smit (moderator), H. Busse, T. Jahnel, Melanie de Looper, L. Mercer          Tackling the digital divide: Forming recommendations for health psychologists   The aim of this roundtable was to continue to raise awareness of possible digital intervention-generated/ – amplified inequalities and to activate health psychologists to think about innovative solutions and actions to overcome the digital divide.   Contact: e.s.smit@uva.nl
Spela Dolinsek (presenter), Corine Meppelink, S. Giani, Julia van Weert, Bas van den Putte, Christin ScholzThe role of mental well-being in the effects of persuasive health messages: A scoping review   Persuasive health messages might harm those already vulnerable and should be carefully designed considering the pre-exposure mental well-being status of recipient population.   Contact: s.dolinsek@uva.nl