dr. Adriana Solovei (board)

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Persuasive Communication
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
    1018 WV Amsterdam
  • a.solovei@uva.nl

Naam: Adriana Solovei 
PhD: 2023, Maastricht University
Promotor: Prof. Hein de Vries
Co-promotor(s): Dr. Liesbeth Mercken, Dr. Eva Jane Llopis
MSc: 2018, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)
Onderzoek: My PhD research focused on the development and (cost-) effectiveness of an alcohol screening and brief advice programme in three Latin American countries: Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. In 2022 I started to work as a postdoc researcher in Health Communication at the University of Amsterdam. In this function, I do research on the effects of media use and interpersonal communication on health behaviours during the Covid-19 pandemic, in The Netherlands. I work together with other researchers within the BePrepared consortium.  

Link to the project: Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (english) | ‘Be Prepared’ consortium (Behavioural Science for Pandemic Preparedeness)

Specialties: communication campaigns, media effects, interpersonal communication, alcohol prevention