ZonMw-grant for ACHC-researcher to develop a guideline to bridge language barriers in health and social care

Published on November 3, 2022 – In collaboration with Patiëntenfederatie Nederland (Netherlands Patient Federation) and the Amsterdam UMC (University Medical Center), ACHC researcher Barbara Schouten has received a ZonMw grant to develop an evidence-based generic guideline to bridge language barriers between care providers and migrant patients with low language proficiency in Dutch. The research team will also investigate how this guideline can be productively implemented in practice. 

The aim of this project is to develop a guideline that can be incorporated in existing guidelines and standards in health and social care, thereby improving communication with patients with a low language proficiency in Dutch. It is expected that results of this project will significantly contribute to the quality of healthcare communication with migrant patients who encounter language barriers in Dutch health and social care.

The grant amounts to 250.000 euro and will be used to hire a postdoctorate researcher who will start the research in the fall of 2022.