Kelly de Wildt, MSc

  • Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC
    Department: Internal Medicine, specialism: Geriatric Medicine
  • Meibergdreef 9
    1105 AZ Amsterdam

Name: Kelly K. de Wildt, MSc
PhD: Expected in 2024, Amsterdam UMC
Promotor: Prof. Nathalie van der Velde, PhD & Prof. Julia van Weert, PhD
Co-promotor(s): Natasja van Schoor, PhD & Annemiek Linn, PhD
MSc: 2020, Communication Science (Research), University of Amsterdam
Specialiteiten: Health communication, eHealth, health persuasion technologies, patient-provider communication

As part of the ( ADFICE_IT project ), my PhD focuses on finding ways to help prevent falls among older adults and to stimulate shared decision making between patient and provider. We do this by developing a clinical decision support system (CDSS) for physicians and a patient portal for patients. The CDSS provides the physician with information regarding a patient’s fall risk and the combination of medications related to this risk. Patients will be informed about their fall risk through their own personal portal. During the project, both the CDSS and the patient portal will be designed, developed, tested and evaluated in collaboration with the target groups. This way, our interdisciplinary project team cooperates in developing an innovative intervention on the intersection of health communication, geriatric medicine, medical informatics, and epidemiology.