ACHC researchers awarded at ECHC 2021 and National Fall Prevention Symposium 2021

Published on December 3, 2021 – Last month, two of our ACHC research members, Sara Groos and Kelly de Wildt, were awarded for their research at two separate conferences.

Sara Groos (PhD student) was awarded the ‘Top Student Abstract and Presentation‘ at the European Conference on Health Communication (ECHC), where she presented the results of her master thesis “Flattening the curve: Unraveling the persuasive effects of webpage customization on users’ attitudes toward coronavirus health behavior measures”. During her presentation, Sara explained why webpage customization facilitates deeper processing of online health information, and how such a user-initiated tailoring approach can be incorporated in COVID-19 related webpages to enhance the online persuasive efforts of governments. Her master thesis was supervised by Annemiek Linn.

Kelly de Wildt (PhD student) was awarded ‘Best Poster Presentation’ at the Landelijk Valsymposium (national symposium for research on fall prevention). Together with Bob van de Loo, she co-authored a poster titled “The ADFICE_IT Trial: A multicenter research examining the use of a clinical decision support system and patient portal to prevent medication-related falls in older adults”. In this randomized clinical trial, a smart decision support system and accompanying patient portal will be implemented across different hospitals in the Netherlands to promote shared decision making and optimize the withdrawal of fall risk increasing drugs. Herewith, the project group hopes to contribute to fall prevention among older adults. Kelly de Wildt is supervised by Annemiek Linn, Julia van Weert, Natasja van Schoor, and Nathalie van der Velde.

More information about the ADFICE_IT project can be found here.