ACHC researchers receive ‘Promising Early Career Paper’ Award

Published on 22 June 2021 – Hang-Yee Chan, Christin Scholz and their co-authors received the award for ‘Promising Early Career Paper’ at the Information System division of ICA 2021.

The paper “Share Versus Read: Delineating Share-Forward and Click-Through of News Information on Social Media” of Hang-Yee Chan and Christin Scholz, co-authored by Emily Falk, was selected as a Promising Young Scholar Paper by the Information System division.

In this study, the authors distinguish information selection and transmission in the social media context in terms of two different behaviors: click-through (i.e., reading full content by clicking on the social media post) and share-forward (i.e., sharing the post with or without reading).

Combining different methodologies, such as brain imaging and web analytics, this study demonstrates the dissociable psychological processes behind click-through and share-forward on social media, and further underline the importance of emotion in our need to share information with others – even absent full knowledge of what is being shared.