Announcement symposium “Entertainment media and health”

Published on May 3, 2021 – On Thursday afternoon 10 June, 2021, the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) will organize their 11th symposium. The theme of this symposium is “Entertainment media and health” and will be led by Monique Alblas and Gert-Jan de Bruijn. The symposium will take place online via Zoom.

Entertainment media and digital communication play an important role in our daily lives. To relax and enjoy ourselves, we often spend our leisure time watching tv-series, checking updates of our friends on social media, and playing games. But to what extent does the use of these media (unconsciously) influence our physical and mental health, for example resulting from exposure to unhealthy cues in media content? And how can we defend ourselves against such influences? These questions will be discussed during our 11th symposium.

Speakers both from science and practice will present their latest findings regarding this topic during this symposium. We are pleased to announce two keynote lectures: the first keynote will be jointly given by prof. dr. Patti Valkenburg and dr. Ine Beyens (Universiteit van Amsterdam). They will present an advanced n=1 method for studying the relationship between social media and wellbeing in adolescents. The second keynote will be given by dr. Esther Rozendaal (Erasmus Universiteit Amsterdam). She will share her knowledge on advertising literacy, as strategy to defend ourselves against negative influences of media use on health behaviour. In addition, we’ve already secured five speakers to give a lecture: dr. Mariek van den Abeele (Universiteit Gent), Dr. Charlotte de Backer (Universiteit Antwerpen), Monique Alblas (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Tiffany van Stormbroek (De Kijkwijzer), and Erwin Fisser (Soa Aids Nederland).

The symposium is free of charge, and will be held in Dutch/Flemish.

You can register via this link.