Active4Life: Online tailoring with emergent technologies and Big Data analysis

Regular physical activity (PA) reduces the risks of multiple health problems among all age groups, also when health problems are already present. This Active4Life project aims to generate new scientific and practical knowledge and insights relevant to stimulate and maintain PA in different subpopulations of adults (adults, older adults, healthy and patient populations) using tailored communication.

This aim is reached by systematically investigating the surplus value of emergent technologies, such as ecological momentary assessment, physical activity chatbots, and wearables, for existing online tailored interventions (such as Active Plus and OncoActive) that have proven to be effective to stimulate PA in (older) adults and patients.

In addition to investigating the surplus value of these emergent technologies, this project also employs novel Big Data techniques to identify the most effective and efficient intervention components in these existing PA interventions. 

Based on the combination of the most effective of emergent technologies and effective and efficient components of existing interventions, we will develop and evaluate an online tailored PA intervention in a randomized controlled trial. The four-year project hires two PhD candidates and is funded by a ZonMw Sport & Bewegen grant.

Research team ACHC
Dr. Gert-Jan de Bruijn, (ACHC coordinator, co-applicant, co-promotor)
Ege de Bruin, research assistant

Status: ongoing since 01 December 2010
Funding: ZonMw Onderzoeksprogramma Sport & Bewegen
Link: Click here