ACHC ready for virtual ICA 2020

Published on May 20, 2020 – The upcoming 70th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) will be a virtual conference to be held from 20 to 26 May with “Open Communication” as conference theme. Several ACHC researchers will present their latest work online. We are proud to have again many presentations at this year’s conference on a large variety of topics. Below you can find an overview of the health communication presentations. Please do not hesitate to contact the presenters if you want more information.

Division Health Communication

Session: Audience Insights in Health Communication Research

Title: Tailored communication for older patients with cancer: Using cluster analysis to identify patient profiles based on information needs

Authors: Annemiek Linn; Nadine Bol; Ellen Smets; Mathilde Verdam; Julia van Weert

Session: New Insights Regarding Health Information Seeking

Title: Cancer Patients’ Use of Online Health Information and Patient Participation in Medical Consultations: Linking Online Traces to Observed Offline Communication

Authors:  Minh Hao Nguyen; Nadine Bol; Inge van Strien; Kirsten Eijken; Ellen Smets; Julia van Weert

Session: Communication and Evidence-Based Practice in Patient Care

Title: Training Communication Skills of Clinicians by Using Virtual Patients: Pilot-Evaluation of an Interactive, Computer-Simulated Virtual Patient-Based Elearning to Improve Shared Decision Making

Authors: Julia van Weert; Gert-Jan de Bruijn; Willem-Paul Brinkman; Kristy Timmers; Anne Vos; Ellen Smets

Session:  New Insights Regarding Patient-Provider Communication

Title: Predicting Family Involvement Preferences in Medical Decision Making: A Cross-National Survey Study

Authors: Doreen Reifegerste; Sebastian Scherr; Florian Arendt; Julia C. Weert; Dana Alden

Division: Information systems

Session: Promising Young Scholar Papers of Information Systems

Title: Using Neuroscience to Causally Manipulate Information Sharing

Authors: Christin Scholz; E. C. Baek; Emily B. Falk

Session: Media and Obesity: The Influence of Messaging on Behaviors; Intentions; and Perceptions

Title: Watching a Cooking Show on TV and Subsequent Unhealthy Food Choices in Unsuccessful Dieters

Authors: Monique Alblas

Panel session

 Session:  COVID19 and Communication Scholarship

Division: Sponsored Sessions

Title: Panel

Authors: Hye-Jin Paek (Hanyang U); Julia van Weert (University of Amsterdam); Dietram Scheufele (U of Wisconsin-Madison); Leticia Bode (Georgetown U); Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (U of Oxford)

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