Successful conference EUCAM and ACHC about digital alcohol marketing

Published on September 25th 2019 – On Thursday September 19, EUCAM (European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing) together with ACHC organized a conference entitled ‘Digital Alcohol Marketing in the Spotlight’. The conference took place at the department of Communication Science of the University of Amsterdam. During this conference scientists and policy makers discussed the influence of digital alcohol marketing on drinking behavior of youth and how this can be regulated. Speakers were among others: Dr. Hanneke Hendriks (University of Amsterdam), Dr. Nathan Critchlow (University of Stirling), Alina Willoh (Twente University), Aleksandra Kaczmarek (European Alcohol Policy Alliance), Hanne Cecilie Widnes, (IOGT, Norway), and Emmi Kauppila (University of Helsinki, Finland).

The day was a big success and the conference received more than 80 visitors from all over Europe.

If you would like more information about one of the speakers, or if you would like to view the Powerpoint-presentations, please send an email to Wim van Dalen (