Eline Smit and colleagues receive a ZonMw grant

Published on July 17 2019 – Together with colleagues from Maastricht (a/o Dr. Ciska Hoving) and Leiden Universities (a/o Dr. Matty Crone), ACHC researcher Eline Smit has received a grant from ZonMw to identify the effective ingredients in smoking cessation interventions available in the Netherlands (€49.525).

The three-month study they will conduct fits nicely with one of the aims of the National Prevention Programme, i.e. to strive for a Smokefree Generation in 2040. Primary healthcare professionals, such as general practitioners and midwives, can play a vital role in achieving this goal by supporting their smoking clients to stop.

A variety of effective smoking cessation interventions have been developed, but it is unclear why these interventions work, for whom, and under which circumstances. In their study, Eline and colleagues will apply a so-called Realist Evaluation to determine which (combinations of) intervention elements have a positive influence on 1) the cessation behavior of smokers; and 2) the smoking cessation support as provided by healthcare professionals working in Dutch primary care. Doing so, they will generate knowledge on the effective ingredients of these programs as well as the required preconditions for positive effects – knowledge that is essential to select or develop the right interventions for the right smokers and the right healthcare professionals.

More information about the grant can be obtained at ZonMw (in Dutch).