Grant from Lung Foundation for Bas van den Putte

Published on July 1st 2019 – Bas van den Putte is involved in two projects that recently have been funded by a grant provided by Longfonds, Hartstichting, KWF, Trombosestichting and Diabetesfonds. General objective of both projects is to conduct research that contributes to policy that discourages tobacco use and stimulates the smoke-free generation.

The first project examines how the tobacco display ban, to be introduced in the Netherlands from 2020, will be implemented by retailers and its effects on adolescents. Objective is to provide advice on how to optimize the tobacco display ban in order to maximize its effect on adolescents. This project is a cooperation between two parts of the University of Amsterdam: the Amsterdam UMC (Public Health and Medical Informatics) and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Communication and Human Geography). Project leaders from Amsterdam UMC are Mirte Kuipers and Anton Kunst. Project leader from FMG is Bas van den Putte.

The second project examines the effects of increased tobacco taxation on tobacco behaviour as well as on price minimizing behaviours, taking into account differences between demographic subgroups. The optimal price level to stimulate tobacco cessation is also examined. This project is part of the international Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation (ITC) Project on the impact of tobacco control measures on smokers, since 2008 also conducted in the Netherlands in a consortium of Maastricht University, University of Amsterdam, and University of Waterloo (Canada).

More information about the grants can be found here (in Dutch).