Anne Vos, MSc

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Persuasive Communication
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
    1018 WV Amsterdam

Naam: Anne Vos, MSc
PhD: Expected in 2021, University of Amsterdam
Promotor: Prof. dr. Edith Smit
Co-promotor(s): Dr. Gert-Jan de Bruijn, Dr. Michel Klein
MSc: 2015 and 2019, University of Amsterdam
Onderzoek: In my PhD project, the opportunities for facilitating healthy lifestyle behaviours of low socioeconomic status adults are investigated. The aim of the research is to develop and study the effects of a time- and context-specific mobile application that is able to provide individually tailored feedback and advice on physical activity opportunities and performance levels. This coaching system provides users with personalized tips throughout the day to increase step count by sending prompts to their smartphone at crucial and contextual decision-making moments, e.g., encouraging to choose to take a five-minute detour through a nearby park to meet one’s daily step count goal. We will investigate the impact of this mobile application on changes in physical activity in terms of daily step count, as well as longer-term effects, such as cardiometabolic health indicators.
Specialties: eHealth, mHealth, health interventions, physical activity, tailoring, persuasive communication strategies