Why the Dutch love Dr. Google? Fam te Poel in different national media

Published on January 25th 2019 – New figures from Statistics Netherlands show that two-thirds of the Dutch population in 2018 had searched online for information about health. It also appears that Dutch people do this more often than residents of other European countries. Fam te Poel completed her PhD on this subject in September 2018 at the Free University – yesterday, she was interviewed by various media in the context of the Statistics Netherlands report.

Fam’s PhD research shows that searching for information about health can be accompanied by an increased fear of health problems. She advises people who search for health information online not to search via search engines like Google, but to find information on reliable websites. She furthermore advises doctors to inform their patients about reliable online sources of health information. The different interviews in light of the CBS report can be found here:

TV News broadcast (starts at 21:28)

Radio News Broadcast

Veronica inside radio interview


Phd Thesis Fam te Poel: Click here