Hanneke Hendriks interviewed by HUMAN

Published on October 22nd 2018 – Hanneke Hendriks was recently interviewed for the TV/web-program Medialogica by HUMAN, where she discussed how alcohol-related posts on social media by vloggers could impact young people. The interview was related to the Veni Project by Hanneke Hendriks, in which she investigates what young people post on social media, what the effects of such posts are, and what the processes and boundary conditions are of these effects. The interview focused specifically on vloggers (e.g., influencers on Youtube), who can often reach a lot of young people.

Some of these vloggers make advertisements for alcoholbrands, and this leads to a risk that they can increase positive attitudes towards alcohol among young people. Furthermore, it is not allowed to advertise for alcohol while targeting young people, which further increases the undesirability of these vlogs.

To watch the interview (in Dutch), go to https://www.human.nl/medialogica/kijk/online/alcoholreclame.html#.