Large European Grant on overweight prevention for Hans Brug

Published on May 21 2018 – Hans Brug has received EUR 9.5 million from the European Commission to investigate how combat (severe) overweight among youth. In a large consortium of 14 universities and organizations from Europe, South Africa, Australia and the United States, intensive collaborations with youth will be sought to find new ways to promote their health by intervening at the macro level and influencing the political agenda. In the consortium, Hans Brug (dean and professor at ACHC) and Christian Bröer (Sociology department) will be involved in a project on co-creation where, together with the youthful target group, they will look at the daily living environments and identify which social factors negatively affect their lives and health.

In this co-creation project, young people are asked to actively investigate their own environment, via the making of reports and videos, and these young people are also actively recruiting peers from their own network for the co-creation project. Through a combination of experiential lessons from these youngsters and the scientific knowledge in the literature, strategies are subsequently developed to combat and prevent (severe) overweight in youth. These could include making the physical environment more attractive for physical activity, or by influencing policies and policy making towards (for instance) sugar taxes.

More information can be found here (in Dutch).