Two Distinguished Lectures on Digital Big Data and (Health) Communication

Published on May 28th 2018 – Everyday life is increasingly taking place online, including health-related actions. Examples of that include posting on health-related discussion fora, the use of smart devices to track our physical activity, and even sensor-enabled clothing to register bodily movements. All of those actions leave behind a wealth of digital traces, causing an exponential growth of data. These data lead to interesting academic questions such as “What can we do with these data?” “Should we adjust our research practices to the data and the new methods of analysis?” “What role does theory have in this new situation?”

These and other questions will be addressed in two keynote lectures that are part of the fifth, half-yearly, symposium of the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) and RPA Communication:

  • Dhavan V. Shah: “Digital Traces and Social Ties: How Computational Social
    Science is Transforming Communication Research”
  • Conrad S. Tucker: “From Data to Knowledge: Leveraging the Power of Big Data and Machine Learning in Healthcare”

Register: If you only wish to attend the distinguished lectures, no registration is needed. If you want to attend the free symposium “Digitale (big) data en gezondheidscommunicatie: hoe onderzoek en praktijk verandert” (in Dutch) including the distinguished lectures (in English), please register here: For the full programme of the symposium click here:

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