Invited lecture on self-management of chronic disease from Prof. Dr. John Allegrant

Published on June 26 2017 – On Wednesday June 28th 2017, Prof. Dr. John Allegrante will give an invited lecture at the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication entitled ‘ How Many Behavioral Scientists Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?  Advancing the Science of Behavioral Self-Management of Chronic Disease’

In this lecture, Prof. Dr. Allegrante will describe advances in the behavioral self-management of chronic disease from the perspective of his 25-year trajectory of NIH-funded research in arthritis and cardiopulmonary diseases, which has sought to develop a transdisciplinary understanding of how applied behavioral science can be used to improve functional status and health outcomes.  His presentation will focus on tracing the arc of novel research—conducted in collaboration with physician-scientists at Columbia and Weill-Cornell Medical College—that draws on the emerging science of positive psychology to develop promising new approaches to fostering the adoption and maintenance of behavioral change.

The lecture will be given at REC C10.20 from 16H00 – 17H00.

Prof. Allegrante personal profile can be viewed here