Veni-project: Alcohol on Social Netwerking Sites

Many adolescents and young adults consume a lot of alcohol, which is related to serious negative consequences for both youth and society. A recent development is that young people nowadays place a lot of posts about this alcohol use on Social Networking Sites (SNS), such as Facebook and Instagram. Alarmingly, most of these messages show alcohol in a positive light.

This project investigates how and why young adolescents talk about alcohol on SNS, as well as the effects of alcohol-related SNS-posts on young peoples┬┤ alcohol consumption, and the conditions under which these effects occur. Moreover, an intervention-plan will be developed and tested to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol-related posts on SNS.

Research team: Dr. Hanneke Hendriks
Collaborators: Prof. Bas van den Putte & Winnie Gebhardt (Leiden University)
Status: Ongoing since January 1, 2016
Funding: Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO; VENI Hanneke Hendriks)
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