ACHC researchers to participate in consortium on maintenance of healthy lifestyles

Published on January 28 2017 – This week, the Dutch Heart Foundation and The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development ZonMw awarded three consortia 7,5 million euro to investigate how healthy lifestyles can be maintained over a longer period of time. In one of those consortia (entitled Supreme Nudge), ACHC researchers Hans Brug and Gert-Jan de Bruijn will participate in a work package in which intelligent and individual tailored physical activity mobile apps and a supermarket nudging and pricing intervention will be developed for adults with lower socio-economic status. Gert-Jan and Hans main task is to further develop and pilot-test a previously designed mobile physical activity app to optimize increased levels of physical activities. The consortium also consists of (among others) researchers from Free University Medical Center and University Utrecht and partners from Netherlands Nutrition Center and supermarket chain Coop.

More information on the program and Supreme Nudge can be found here (in Dutch).
Supreme Nudge