Closing conference NWO program ‘Comprehensible Language and Effective Communication’.

Published on November 4th, 2016 –

On November 11, 2016, the closing conference of the NWO-program ‘Comprehensible Language and Effective Communication’ will be held. ACHC participants in this project are Bas van den Putte and Simon Zebregs, in cooperation with Anneke de Graaf (Radboud University) and Trimbos Institute.


On November 11, Simon Zebregs and Anneke de Graaf will present the results of their research project on school-based health education regarding alcohol and tobacco among low-literate adolescents. The results of seven studies show that the tested health education formats have short-term desired effects on adolescents’ knowledge about the consequences of alcohol and tobacco use, and their attitude towards alcohol use. Overall, similar effects are found for different formats: informative, narrative, informative+testimonials, or informative supported by research evidence. Similar effects were also found for the print and audiovisual format. However, these effects were no longer visible one month later. Finally, no short-term and long-term effects were found for the educational materials on alcohol and tobacco use intention. We conclude that repeated exposure is vital to sustain initial effects and achieve effects on intention. Because all formats were equally effective, variation in repeated exposure can be achieved by applying different formats over time.


The morning session of the conference will be in English.

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