How older cancer patients use Web-based health information tools

Older cancer patients are fully able to use Web-based health information tools and perceive these tools as highly useful in their search for health information and to prepare for interpersonal communication with their health care providers. However, older patients experience navigational problems that can hinder optimal user experience with these tools. This recently published study by Sifra Bolle and colleagues unmasked these navigation problems along with specific user preferences. The results are used to propose improvements for the design of Web-based health information tools for optimal user experience among older patients.

Until now we knew that older individuals use the Internet to search for health information, but we lacked knowledge on how they use and evaluate Web-based health information. Video-recorded think-aloud observations were conducted for 7 Web-based health information tools, with older (65+) colorectal cancer patients or survivors (n=15) and their partners (n=8).

More information? Bolle, S., Romijn, G., Smets, E. M. A., Loos, E. F., Kunneman, M., & van Weert, J. C. M. (2016).Older Cancer Patients’ User Experiences With Web-Based Health Information Tools: A Think-Aloud Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research18(7), e208. doi: 10.2196/jmir.5618

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Published on 16-08-2016