The value of nurses’ tailored communication when discussing medicines

Numerous studies of various populations and settings link patient–provider communication or beliefs to medication adherence. A better understanding of this interplay may help to improve patient-centred communication. To predict adherence, this study used the Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire and indications of the quality of the nurse’s communication in terms of patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction with the information provided and the degree to which the information was tailored to them were related to adherence via the patient’s beliefs. This study supports the argument that tailoring is an effective strategy for improving adherence via beliefs and can contribute to medical education and to adherence interventions.

More information? Linn, A. J., Van Weert, J. C. M., Van Dijk, L., Horne, R. & Smit, E. G. (2016). The value of nurses’ tailored communication when discussing medicines: exploring the relation between patient satisfaction with communication, medication beliefs and adherence. Journal of Health Psychology, 21 (5) 798-807.

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Published on 03-08-2016