Top Student Paper Awards for Nadine Bol and Hao Nguyen

Nadine Bol and Hao Nguyen both won the Philip C. Palm Green Top Student Paper Award at the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication 2016. They received the exact same reviewer score, and the scientific advisory board could not make a final decision between the two papers. The committee therefore decided to award them both with the award. Congratulations to both Nadine and Hao!


Nadine’s study was about the predictors of online information recall in older patients (N = 197). The results of her study showed that recall of information is a matter of ability (e.g., frailty) and motivation (e.g., satisfaction) rather than chronological age.

Hao investigated the effect of ‘mode-tailoring’ on older and younger adults’ attention to and recall of online health information. The results from this experiment (N = 544) showed that tailoring the modality of information presentation enhances message processing, and consequently recall of online health information in older adults.

Published on: 20-04-2016