dr. Sandra Zwier

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    CW : Persuasive Communication
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht  166
    1018 WV  Amsterdam
  • S.M.Zwier@uva.nl
  • T:  0205252091

Name: Sandra M. Zwier
PhD: 1998, VU University Amsterdam
MSc: 1992, University of Amsterdam
Interests: Health marketing, direct-to-consumer-advertising, medicalisation
Research: Academia is my keen interest, and I’m currently the coordinator of the Graduate School of Communication (the largest Graduate School of its kind in Europe), after having been the research manager of the Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR from 1997 until 2009 (among the largest and most successful research institutes in Communication Science worldwide).
I am also passionate about teaching, and supervised several hundreds of BA theses and dozens of MA theses over the last few years. I teach classes in experimental methods for communication science research as well.
I’ve recently started research of my own, whereby I particularly focus on the effects of commercialized health communication (such as medical drug advertising) and processes of ‘medicalisation’.

Link: UvA profile