dr. Monique Alblas

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Persuasive Communication
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
    1018 WV Amsterdam
  • M.C.Alblas@uva.nl

Naam: Dr. Monique Alblas
PhD: 2021, University of Amsterdam
Promotor: Prof. dr. Bas van den Putte
Co-promotor(s): Dr. Saar Mollen en Prof. dr. Marieke Fransen
MSc: 2015, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)
Specialties: (digital) media use, eating behavior, food marketing, self-regulation, tailoring, mental well-being, quantitative research methods

Research: My PhD research at the University of Amsterdam aimed to investigate the influence of media use on eating behaviour. Under supervision of Saar Mollen, Marieke Fransen and Bas van den Putte I studied for whom and through which processes exposure to unhealthy food cues in media content (for instance in tv commercials or cooking shows) may increase food intake. I was particularly interested in the role of individual differences in dieting behaviour and self-regulation, as well as in processes of goal activation and visual attention for food.

I obtained my PhD in 2021 (click here for my PhD thesis), and then stayed at the University of Amsterdam. After a short period as postdoctoral researcher and lecturer, I started in 2022 as Assistant Professor (UD) of Persuasive Communication. In this current position I continue to investigate the relation between media use and dietary behaviour. Specifically, I will focus on exposure to and interaction with food (messages) on social media, for example effects of influencer marketing and (mis)information about healthy or sustainable eating. I am also involved in several projects on digital media use and mental well-being, sometimes in combination with eating behaviour.