What predicts self-regulation? A meta-analysis of correlational studies in the physical activity and dietary intake domain

Promoting post-motivational strategies, such as monitoring and action planning, have become immensely popular in health communication. The basic tenet of these strategies centres around the postulate that motivation alone is not sufficient for people to act healthy. Although there is substantial evidence that action planning promotes healthy behaviour, there is also evidence suggesting this is not always the case. This meta-analysis focuses on quantifying the intention-action planning relationship for dietary and physical activity behaviours. This meta-analysis will also consider how additional variables, such as personality dimensions, cross-behavioural regulation, and affect impact action planning. The project is a collaboration between University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University, and University of Victoria.

Research team Dr. Gert-Jan de Bruijn (projectleader)
Dr. Simon Zebregs
Drs. Inka Kleinschmidt
Dr. Liesbeth van Osch
Prof. Dr. Ryan Rhodes (University of Victoria)
Status: Ongoing since 2014
Funding: Amsterdam School of Communication Research/ASCoR