Interpersonal communication to improve the effectiveness of an anti-alcohol health intervention aimed at late adolescents

This PhD project focuses on gaining a better understanding of aspects that determine the effectiveness of interpersonal communication about alcohol and binge drinking. The overarching goal is to explore how interpersonal communication can be used to improve anti-alcohol and binge drinking interventions targeted at late adolescents (17-19 years old).
We examine aspects such as: conversational valence (tone of voice), peer group status, and friendship. More specifically, we examine the influence of these aspects, in interpersonal communication, on adolescents’ attitudes and intentions concerning binge drinking. In the last phase of this project, these insights will be used to increase the effectiveness of a new anti-alcohol intervention for MBO students that the Trimbos Institute is currently developing. This project is conducted in cooperation with the Trimbos Institute.

Research team: Elroy Boers (PhD student)
Prof. Bas van den Putte, Prof. Hans Beentjes, and Dr. Hanneke Hendriks (promotores)
Status: Ongoing since 1 September 2014
Funding: Amsterdam School of Communication Research/ASCoR