Grant for developing and evaluating an online smoking cessation intervention

eHealth transparantOn Christmas Eve, Eline Smit and Julia van Weert received good news: together with Ciska Hoving from Maastricht University, they were awarded a grant from the Dutch Cancer Society for a three-year PhD-project on the effectiveness of message frame tailoring in online smoking cessation communication.

This project will start in the fall of 2016 and will aim at developing and testing an online smoking cessation program including both content tailoring and message frame tailoring. In contrast to the large majority of tailored interventions developed so far, this new program will not only tailor the content of the advice (what information should be provided), but also the presentation or framing of that advice (how should the information be communicated). In this way, information can be presented in an even more personalised way, which is expected to yield more positive effects on health behaviour.