Vermeulen, J., Koster, M., Loos, E. F., & Van Slobbe, M. (2016). Play and work: An introduction to sport and organization. Culture and Organization, 22(3), 199-202. doi: 10.1080/14759551.2016.1169586

Introduction: In recent decades, sport as a social practice has become relevant in many different fields: in health, economy, politics, education, work and leisure. The importance of sport transcends the confines of the sports field. Sport involves not only organization but also organizing. Sport is about organizing collective efforts and performance. Sport is about managing excellence, coaching and developing tactics as well as strat- egies. Sport also has its own mechanisms of organizing social differences. The competi- tive aspects of sport imply practices of in- and exclusion. These practices are enacted spatially on the sports field, dividing space between competing teams and individual sportsmen and sportswomen. In a broader sense, this theme touches upon the issue of access and socially marginalized identities. Sport deals with contradictions and para- doxes that exist in society at large. Sport is ‘contested terrain’ (Bourdieu 1988), an arena in which social and political differences are being played out.

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