Van Weert, J.C.M., Hermanns, S.S.T., Linn, A.J., & Schouten, B.C. (2013). Dance4life: Evaluating a global HIV and AIDS prevention program for youth using the Pre-Im framework for process evaluation. In M. Lemal and J. Merrick (Eds.), Health Risk Communication (pp. 111-126). New York: Nova Science Publishers

Book description: Health risk communication deals with planned or unplanned communication to the public about the nature, impact and management of a wide array of health threats, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS or influenza pandemics. Traditional health risk communication models used to stress a one-way flow of health risk messages to the public. The dominant focus was on experts (government, health organizations,…) merely disseminating risk information and educating a ‘lay’ and ‘ignorant’ public about health threats. However, this simplistic top-down model of communication ignored the complex nature of the audience and the public’s understanding of risk information. Fortunately, there has been a shift away from top-down communication about health threats. This book gathers research findings and theoretical reviews with a focus on the role of mass media as sources of health risk information, the role of message formats or frames and risk information source characteristics. (Imprint: Nova)

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