Smit, E. S., Linn, A. J., Van Weert, J. C. M. (2015). Taking online computer-tailoring forward: The potential of tailoring the message frame and delivery mode of online health behaviour change interventions. European Health Psychologist, 17(1), 25-31.

Introduction: Online interventions that are tailored to the individual participant, using computer-tailoring strategies, can effectively improve health related behaviour (Lustria et al., 2013). Computer-tailoring can best be described as adjusting intervention materials to the specific characteristics of an individual person through a computerized process (de Vries & Brug, 1999). In contrast to more static online health communication (e.g. health information websites), tailored interventions provide individuals only with information that is relevant to them and their situation. As a result, this information is more likely to be considered as personally relevant and, consequently, to be read. This is expected to lead to an increased desire to use the intervention, more user engagement, more in-depth processing of information, greater recall and likely initiation or continuation of the desired health behaviour change (Kreuter, Farrell, Olevitch, & Brennan, 1999; Ritterband, Thorndike, Cox, Kovatchev, & Gonder- Frederick, 2009).

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