Smit, E. S., De Vries, H., Oberjé, E. J. M., & Evers, S. M. A. A. (2015). Easier said than done: Overcoming challenges in the economic evaluation of Internet-based lifestyle interventions. European Health Psychologist, 17(1), 39-44.

Introduction: An unhealthy lifestyle is often represented by a variety of health behaviours like physical inactivity, an unhealthy diet, excessive drinking and smoking. As a consequence, it is a major cause of chronic diseases and related to reduced quality of life, productivity losses and substantial health care costs. Interventions that can effectively stimulate a healthy lifestyle will thus yield important societal benefits. A landmark systematic review has shown that Internet-based health behaviour change interventions can effectively promote a healthy lifestyle (Webb, Joseph, Yardley, & Michie, 2010). In particular Internet-based interventions that are tailored to the specific characteristics of the individual participant – using online computer-tailoring strategies – have been found to be effective in enhancing various health behaviours (Lustria et al., 2013).

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