Schinkel, S., Schouten, B.C., & Van Weert, J.C.M. (2013). Are GP patients’ need being met? Unfulfilled information needs among native-Dutch and Turkish-Dutch patients. Patient Education and Counseling, 90(2), 261-267. doi:10.1016/j.pec.2012.11.013

Objective: This study aims to assess unfulfilled information needs of native-Dutch and Turkish-Dutch general practitioner (GP) patients in the Netherlands. In addition, the relation between perceived and recorded information provision by GPs is studied.
Methods: Unfulfilled information needs of native-Dutch (N = 117) and Turkish-Dutch patients (N = 74) were assessed through pre- and post-consultation questionnaires. Audiotapes of GP consultations were made to code GPs’ information provision.
Results: Turkish-Dutch patients experience more unfulfilled information needs than native-Dutch patients, in particular those who identify equally with Dutch and Turkish culture. Overall, perceived information provision is hardly related to recorded information provision.
Conclusion: GPs insufficiently provide Turkish-Dutch patients and, to a lesser extent, native-Dutch patients as well, the information they need.
Practice implications: GPs should be trained in giving adequate, tailored information to patients with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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