Hendriks, H., Van den Putte, B., De Bruijn, G.-J., & De Vreese. C. (2014). Predicting health: The interplay between interpersonal communication and health campaigns. Journal of Health Communication, 19(5), 625-636. doi:10.1080/10810730.2013.837552

The present study experimentally investigated the interplay between interpersonal communication and health message exposure in relation to alcoholconsumption intentions. Participants were 174 students who took part in a study on the effects of an antialcohol message. At baseline, the authors assessed intention to refrain from binge drinking. At the second wave (2 weeks later), participants were assigned to the conditions of a 2 (antialcohol message or no-alcohol message) × 2 (alcohol conversation or control conversation) between-subjects design, after which intention was again assessed. Results showed that when participants talked about alcohol (instead of the control topic) and were not exposed to an antialcohol message, they were less inclined to refrain from binge drinking, an effect that was not visible when participants talked about alcohol after viewing an antialcohol message. These findings suggest that health campaign exposure moderates the influence of interpersonal communication on health variables.

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