De Bruijn, G. J., Keer, M., Conner, M., & Rhodes, R. (2012). Using implicit associations towards fruit consumption to understand fruit consumption behaviour and habit strength relationships. Journal of Health Psychology, 17(4), 479-489. doi: 10.1177/1359105311421049

Abstract: An implicit association test (IAT) was used to investigate how habit strength, implicit attitudes and fruit consumption interrelate. Fifty-two participants completed a computerized IAT and provided measures of fruit consumption and related habit strength. Implicit attitudes moderated the habit strength-fruit consumption relationship; stronger relationships were observed when implicit attitudes were more positive. Amongst those with strong fruit habits, more positive associations with fruit were found for those who had recently consumed sufficient fruits compared to those who had not. Findings demonstrate the relevance of implicit positive associations in understanding the relationship between fruit consumption habits and subsequent fruit consumption.