Boers, E. H. G., Van den Putte, S. J. H. M., Hendriks, H., & Beentjes, J. W. J. (2018). Vocational community college students’ conversations about binge drinking. Journal of Health Communication. Journal of Health Communication, 23, 1072-1076. DOI: 10.1080/10810730.2018.1554730


The large amount of vocational community college students that continue showing binge-drinking behavior might be an indication that interventions targeting this behavior have not been hugely successful. It might be that these interventions targeted beliefs that are less or not related with vocational community college binge-drinking behavior. The aim of this study was to identify vocational community college students` salient beliefs about binge drinking. In the context of the integrative model of behavioral prediction, we applied deductive qualitative content analysis of conversations about binge drinking. The analysis of vocational community college students` conversations about binge drinking revealed a significant amount of salient beliefs, such as cognitive and affective outcome beliefs and efficacy beliefs. These beliefs may be important indicators of vocational community college students` binge drinking. Moreover, to our knowledge, this study was the first to reveal a new set of beliefs, namely social judgment beliefs (i.e., vocational community college students` judgments about their peers` binge-drinking behavior). We believe that our study yielded salient beliefs that may serve as input for future interventions targeting binge drinking among vocational community college students.

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