ACHC klaar voor congres van de International Communication Association

Gepubliceerd op 26 mei 2022 – de 72e jaarlijkse conferentie van de International Communication Association (ICA) vindt dit jaar weer fysiek plaats in Parijs van 26 tot en met 30 mei 2022 met als thema “One World, One Network?”. Verschillende ACHC-onderzoekers en collega’s van de afdeling persuasieve communicatie presenteren hun nieuwste werk. We zijn er trots op dat we dit jaar weer veel presentaties hebben met een grote verscheidenheid aan onderwerpen. Hieronder geven we een overzicht van de presentaties over gezondheidscommunicatie en presentaties van onze andere persuasieve communicatie collega’s. Neem gerust contact op met de presentatoren voor meer informatie. 


Session: PARTNER PANEL: Research Partnership and Opportunities between the Health Communication Division of ICA and EACH: International Association for Communication in Healthcare
Chairs(s): Marcy Rosenbaum (U of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics) and Ashley Duggan (Boston College)
Participant(s): Evelyn Ho (U of San Francisco), Matthew Matsaganis (Rutgers The State U of New Jersey), Julia Weert (U of Amsterdam), Arwen Pieterse (Leiden University), Nadine Bol (Tilburg U), Marleah Dean (U of South Florida), Richard Street (Texas A&M U), Sara Rubinelli (University of Lucerne), Jennifer Anderson (South Dakota State U), Marie Haverfield (San Jose State U), Anna Kerr (Ohio U), Leonie Westerbeek (U of Amsterdam), Christopher Koenig (San Francisco State U) and Josephine Boumis (U of South Florida)

Fri, May 27, 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM; Hyatt – Lab 1+2 (Hyatt)


Session: HIGH-DENSITY: Self, Style, and Disclosure in HMC
Title: The AI Divide: Who Is the Most Vulnerable?
Authors: Chenyue Wang; Sophie C. Boerman; Judith Möller; Claes d. Vreese

Fri, May 27, 8:00 to 9:15, Room 251 (Palais des Congres)


Session: HIGH-DENSITY: Greenfluencing the Adolescents: Factors Helping Predict Pro-Environmental Behavior
Title: #Greenfluencing: The Impact of Parasocial Relationships with Social Media Influencers on Advertising Effectiveness and Followers’ Pro-Environmental Intentions
Authors: Nicole Liebers; Priska Breves

Fri, May 27, 08:00 to 09:15, Room 351 (Palais des Congres)


Session: Media and Well-Being
Title: The Impact of Spatiotemporal and Sociocultural Heimat Associations in Entertaining Media on Social Identity, Individual Well-Being, and Intergroup Relations
Authors: Priska Breves; Nicole Liebers; Holger Schramm

Fri, May 27, 09:30 to 10:45, Room 342A (Palais des Congres)


Session: HIGH-DENSITY: Online Behavior, Big Data, Social Media, and Information Sharing
Title: Brain-Based Prediction of Information Virality: Evidence of Cross-Cultural Validity From a Pre-Registered Neuroimaging Study
Authors: Hang-Yee Chan; Christin Scholz; Danielle Cosme; Rebecca E. Martin; Christian Benitez; Nicole Cooper; Alexandra M. Paul; Jeesung Ahn; Bruce P. Dore; Anthony Resnick; José Carreras-Tartak; Emily B. Falk

Fri, May 27, 14:00 PM – 15:15 PM; Room 251 (Palais des Congres)


Session: HIGH-DENSITY: The Role of Technology in Interpersonal Relationship Conduct
Title: Going Beyond Short-Term Influence: The Impact of Parasocial Relationships with Social Media Influencers on Cognitive Processing and Prolonged Persuasive Effects
Authors: Priska Breves; Nicole Liebers

Sat, May 28, 09:30 to 10:45, Room 351 (Palais des Congres)


Session: HIGH-DENSITY: Information Systems Campaigns, Messaging, and Sources
Title: How Do Self-Presentation Styles of Social Media Influencers Affect Brand Responses?
Authors: Marieke Walet; Andrea Gudmundsdottir; Eva A. van Reijmersdal

Sat, May 28, 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM; Room 241 (Palais des Congres)


Session: HIGH-DENSITY: Improving Risk Communication
Title: Who Does (Not) Adhere to COVID-19 Preventive Measures? Identifying Subgroups Based on Risk Perceptions and Media Use in a Dutch Population-Based Sample
Authors: Nadine Bol; Ruben Vromans; Marloes Van Wezel; Julia van Weert; Emiel Krahmer

Sat, May 28, 9:30 to 10:45, Room 252B (Palais des Congres)


Session: Patient Engagement and Satisfaction
Title: Information Presentation Styles in Cancer Decision Aids: Effects of Illustrations and Narration Style in Cancer Decision Aids on Cognitive Load, Satisfaction, and Information Recall
Authors: Melanie Looper; Monique Alblas; Julia van Weert

Sat, May 28, 11:00 AM – 12.15 AM; Room Hyatt-Regency 7 (Hyatt)


Session: What is the Message?: How Messages Effect Pro-Environmental Behaviors, From Polar Bears to Slow Fashion
Title: The Importance of Influencer-Message Congruence When Employing Greenfluencers to Promote Pro-Environmental Behavior
Authors: Sophie C. Boerman; Marijn H. Meijers; Wietske Zwart

Sat, May 28, 12:30 to 13:45, Room 251 (Palais des Congres)


Session: Eudaimonia and Meaningful Media
Title: Feels Like Coming Home: Effects of Entertaining TV Heimat Programs on the Sense of Heimat, Mood, and Eudaimonic Well-Being
Authors: Nicole Liebers; Priska Breves; Holger Schramm

Sat, May 28, 12:30 to 13:45, Room 253 (Palais des Congres)


Session: Mass Communication Interactive Poster Session
Title: A Validated Literature Review of Entertainment Media Content Classifications: Introducing the Sender-Contents-Audience Classification Framework
Authors: Joanna Strycharz; Sanne Kruikemeier; Guda Van Noort

Sat, May 28, 17:00 to 18:15, Hall Havane (Palais des Congres)



Session: Improving Patient-Centered Communication II
Title: Which Factors in the Decision-Making Process of Incurable Cancer Patients Contribute to Their Decisional Conflict?
Authors: Liza G. van Lent; Maja J. de Jonge; Mirte van der Ham; Marjolein van Mil; Eelke H. Gort; Jeroen Hasselaar; Esther Oomen-de Hoop; Carin C. van der Rijt; Martijn P. Lolkema; Julia C. Weert

Sun, May 29, 8:00 – 9:15, Room 304+305 (Palais des Congres)


Session: Improving Patient-Centered Communication II
Title: Supporting Older Cancer Patients Making Hospital Decisions Effects of Framing and Visual Illustrations on Comprehension and Informed Decision Making
Authors: Yumin Linn, Olga Damman, Jesse Jansen, Julia van Weert

Sun, May 29, 8:00 – 9:15, Room 304+305 (Palais des Congres)


Session: Is This 1984‽: Surveillance and ObfusCATion
Title: “They Know Everything”: Folk Theories, Thoughts, and Feelings About Surveillance in Media Technologies
Authors: Dong Zhang; Sophie C. Boerman; Hanneke Hendriks; Margot J. van der Goot; Theo Araujo; Hilde A. Voorveld

Sun, May 29, 11:00 to 12:15, Hyatt – Regency 12 + 14 (Hyatt)


Session: Influencers, Kidfluencers and Social Media: Consumerism in the Digital Age
Title: Brands and Materialism in Influencers’ Youtube Videos: A Glorification of Consumerism?
Authors: Suzanna J. Opree; Serena Daalmans; Eva A. Van Reijmersdal; Esther Rozendaal

Sun, May 29, 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM; Hyatt – Regency 5+6 (Hyatt)


Session: Managing Privacy in an Increasingly-Wired World: PlaCATing Privacy Concerns
Title: How Can We Increase Privacy Protection Behavior? A Longitudinal Experiment Testing Three Strategies
Authors: Sophie C. Boerman; Joanna Strycharz; Edith G. Smit

Sun, May 29, 14:30 to 15:15, Hyatt – Lab 10 (Hyatt)


Session: Top Papers in Communication and Technology
Title: Persuasive Communication and Spatial Presence: A Systematic Literature Review and Conceptual Model
Authors: Priska Breves

Sun, May 29, 15:30 to 16:45, Regency 7 (Hyatt)


Session: Chatbots in a Variety of Contexts
Title: Understanding Users’ Responses to Disclosed Vs. Undisclosed Customer Service Chatbots: A Mixed Methods Study
Authors: Margot J. van der Goot; Nathalie Koubayová; Eva A. Van Reijmersdal

Sun, May 29, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM; Room 343 (Palais des Congres)



Session: HIGH-DENSITY: Biological Foundations of Health Communication
Title: Neural Mechanism of Audience Tuning in COVID-19 Vaccination Messaging: Preliminary Findings From an FMRI Study
Authors: Judit Campdepadrós Barrios; Hang-Yee Chan; Christin Scholz

Mon, May 30, 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM; Room 252B (Palais des Congres)


Session: Media Influencers: Followers and Impact
Title: The Impact of Following Duration on the Perception of Influencers and Their Persuasive Effectiveness Explained by Parasocial Relationship Stages
Authors: Nicole Liebers; Priska Breves

Mon, May 30, 11:00 to 12:15, Room 252A (Palais des Congres)


Session: Automated Journalism and AI
Title: Conspiracy Thinkers’ Attitude and Behavioural Intention Towards Using A Two-sided News Chatbot
Authors: Shreya Dubey; Paul E. Ketelaar; Tilman Dingler; Hein T. van Schie

Monday 30 May, 2022. 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM; Room 251 M (Palais des Congres)


Session: HIGH-DENSITY: Information Systems Diversity, Inclusivity, Mental Health
Title: #MakeYourselfAmazing: Social Media Usage and Cosmetic Procedure Intention, Acceptance, and Normalization Among Young Adults
Authors: Anne-Mette Hermans; Sophie C. Boerman; Jolanda Veldhuis

Mon, May 30, 14:00 – 15:15; Room 241 (Palais des Congres)


Session: Advancing Theory and Measurement in Health Communication
Title: The Health Communication Orientations Scale. Development and two -country validation of a questionnaire that measures health communication style preferences
Authors: Eline S. Smit; Matthias Kirch; Ken Resnicow

Mon, May 30, 15:30 to 16:45, Hyatt – Hyatt – Regency 2 (Hyatt)


Session: HYBRID: Health Communication and Providers II
Title: General Practitioners’ Needs and Wishes for a Clinical Decision Support Sysyem: A Focus Group Study
Authors: Leonie Westerbeek; Gert-Jan de Bruijn; Henk van Weert, Stephanie Medlock, Ameen Abu-Hanna, Julia van Weert

Mon, May 30, 15:30 to 16:45, Hyatt – Regency 3+4 (Hyatt)