The Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) strives to promote health through research on effective communication.

Related to the symposium ‘Tailoring for Health‘ that will be held next Friday November 24, Nadine Bol, Eline Smit, and Prof. Mia Lustria will be guest-editing a special issue for the scientific open access journal ‘Digital Health’. The special issue is entitled ‘Tailored Health Communications: Opportunities and Challenges in the […] Read more »

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Informal interpreters are often used in medical settings, when patients and health care providers do not share the same language. Informal interpreters are usually family members of the patients who join the consultation to bridge the language gap. This type of interpreter-mediated communication has shown to be problematic. Therefore, Rena Zendedel […] Read more »

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Published on October 19th 2017 – Intonation, acte de présence and timing are three core concepts in theater performances, but what do they have to do with dementia care? Petra Boersma studied the implementation of theatrical communication in contact with people with dementia and graduated on Friday, October 13 at the […] Read more »

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Published on September 26 2017 – On Friday November 24th 2017, The Amsterdam Center for Health Communication will organize a symposium, entitled “Tailoring for health: from theoretical idea to practical intervention”. The symposium starts at 12:00 and will end at 18:00 and attendance is free of charge. The symposium will have a […] Read more »

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